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Functional Additives

Functional Additives used in our Medical Polymer Compounds

At IPC we compound a full range of functional additives that are specifically designed for the medical device and healthcare sectors. We offer a personalised approach which means going the extra distance to ensure that our customers receive the right polymers with the exacting attributes that fit the specific and demanding requirements of the medical device.

IPC – Innovative Polymer Compounds manufacture medical polymer compounds with the following Functional Additives:

  • Antimicrobial
  • Antioxidants
  • ISO 10993 Pigments
  • Laser marking additives
  • Lubricity – Low Co-efficient of Friction
  • Osseo conductive – Hydroxyapatite, Beta-TCP, etc.
  • Process Aids – Slip Additive
  • Radio-opacifiers – BaSO4, Bi2O2 (CO3), BiClO, Tungsten
  • U.V. Stabilizers

Applications for our Compounds

Our Polymer Compounds are used in a wide range of Medical Device applications for long and short-term implantables such as vascular tubing, neurological tubing, orthopaedics, 3D Printing, feminine health, stomach, ocular and dental.

In addition, our Compounds are used in external applications including capnography products, surgical instruments, tube connectors and inhalers.


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